The results of the project clearly align with the project objectives.

  1. Technology research and development
    1. Increase the TRL of grid-forming wind turbine technology for offshore wind deployment.
    2. Increase the TRL of the AC/DC solid-state transformer for the MW-level hydrogen electrolysis application. 
    3. Increase the TRL of power plant controllers for offshore wind hydrogen production assets.
  2. Functional specification that defines the minimum interface requirements for the three technological innovation pillars:
    1. Grid-forming wind turbine functional specifications that enable the electrical coupling with the line-commutated power converter.
    2. AC/DC solid-state transformer functional specification that enables direct electrical coupling with onshore converter station DC link.
    3. Onshore converter station specification that enables flexible connection to the onshore power grid.
  3. Performance specification that defines the optimal operational philosophy of the flexible offshore wind hydrogen power plant module.
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