A series of posts on the different technologies we are developing in the FlexH2 project. We will not go into technical details here but rather provide a basis for understanding the technology developed and provide a sufficient context of its relevance in the energy transition. 

These posts will be written by different parties in our consortium and will be published every few months.

Our second ReFlexion on Offshore wind to hydrogen

Flexibility provider in a Dutch electrified market

A ReFlexion of Iratxe Gonzalez-Aparicio, Portfolio Manager System Integration Wind at TNO.

Get insight into the Conceptual design and optimum operations of the FlexH2 System. Read the ReFlexion of Iratxe here

Our first ReFlexion on Solid State Transformers

When being less gives you more

A ReFlexion of Zian Qin, Assistant Professor at the TU Delft.

Get insight into the use of transformers and why voltages are increased and decreased in different parts of our utility grid. Read the ReFlexion of Zian here.

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