Project Partners​


Industrial partner for the development of grid-forming wind turbine power converter.


Assurance company for the development of techno-economical due diligence (assessing and mitigating potential technical and financial risks).


Industrial partner for the development of novel VSC-HVDC system and development of novel grid-forming offshore wind turbine.


Large-scale renewables and energy solution project developer.


Industrial Partner for the research and development of submarine power cable.


Knowledge institute for industrial research on the integration of the Flexible Offshore Wind Hydrogen Power Plant Module with different markets and ensuring a higher-order control with an Energy Management System.

TU Delft

Knowledge institute for research and development of novel AC/DC SST interfacing to hydrogen electrolysis.


TU Eindhoven, knowledge institute for research on grid-forming wind turbine and hybrid multi-terminal HVDC technology, and development of FlexH2 innovation concept MV-kW demonstrator

Van Oord

Offshore project EPCI engineer/contractor. Provide domain expertise in the area of offshore transport and installation.


Industrial Partner for development of MV AC/DC SST demonstration.