FlexH2 in the news

Image of FlexH2 in the news

Innovation Origins, a European platform about innovation, start-ups and technologies, published an interview with Dongsheng Yang TU/e researcher about the GROW project called FlexH2.

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FlexH2 starts today

Image of FlexH2 starts today

Our Flexible Offshore Wind Hydrogen Power Plant Module (FlexH2) project starts today. With this project, we will make a significant step in the development of the technology necessary to integrate large amounts of offshore wind energy into the energy system. To aim is to significantly reduce the investment costs for the offshore wind transmission infrastructure and to increase the flexibility for shifting between electricity and hydrogen production.

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GROW consortium to start innovation project FlexH2

Image of GROW consortium to start innovation project FlexH2

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) announced that the GROW consortium FlexH2 project was awarded a grant as part of the MOOI-SIGOHE tender scheme. The Shell-led research project FlexH2, which stands for Flexible Offshore Wind Hydrogen Power Plant Module, intends to develop and demonstrate technology that will accelerate the scale-up of offshore wind, green hydrogen production and its integration into the energy system. Through this grant, the government is contributing 4 million euros, the partners are investing about 5 million euros in the project. The research project is to start on April 1st 2022, and will last four years.

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