FlexH2 in Live webinar TKI Offshore Energy

Image of FlexH2 in Live webinar TKI Offshore Energy

You can witness what the experts have to say about the innovations required to achieve wind energy on demand. Dr. Aitazaz Ali Raja from TNO was interviewed about the FlexH2 project during the live stream.

Together with Professor Laurens De Vries from Delft University of Technology, André C. from NWEA, and Dr. Daniel Buhagiar from FLASC BV, he will discuss how we can organize our energy system in such a way that we also receive wind energy from the sea when there is no wind. Now that offshore wind is playing an increasingly important role in our energy system, we are also becoming increasingly dependent on weather conditions. Are we adapting our society, or can we organize the offshore energy system more intelligently?

You can watch this free lunch webinar here.